A Day Of Inspirational Women


I can’t even tell you what a pleasure it was teaching the ladies at the Self Love Summit to feel fabulous regardless of shape or size. The energy in the room was electric, the whole day was a whirlwind of inspirational speakers and light bulb moments. Mel Wells, best selling author of The Goddess Revolution and Hungry For More, brought together the most fantastic and mind blowing line up of incredible women speakers for a day of self love.



I’m posting this almost a week after the event and I actually still haven’t come down. I can’t get over what a special day it was and how amazing each of the speakers were, also how fabulous the Goddesses were. Mel’s followers are called Goddesses after her first book “The Goddess Revolution”. In fact let’s talk about Mel, The Goddess! What a woman!! Certified Health Coach, Eating Psychology Coach, 2 time best selling author, Hay House’s youngest author to be featured in Forbes Under 30, successful entrepreneur running sell-out self love retreats worldwide and an online coaching in ‘The Academy’, social media guru with almost 60,000 followers on IG, an actress, model, TED Speaker and all this, having recovered from an eating disorder. Not only all of that, a little while ago she had the idea of the Self Love Summit and whilst she was writing her 2nd book she managed to organise the whole thing and pulled it off with aplomb!


As soon as she announced that she was planning the event I DM’d her and said “I think you may need a little strutting at your event!” Immediately she shot back with “Heck yes!!!” or something to that effect, although it might have been slightly more unprintable. We met up for coffee as soon as she returned from 6 months in Bali (oh the life) and it turns out that she had been following me for a while AND had actually come to one of my dance classes at Gymbox. We mutually fan-girl’d over each other for a while.



Anyway, cut to the day… Mel wanted to open the show with a bang so I taught her one of my Strutology routines to “Woman” by Ke$ha and we both performed it in our heels – we friggin’ nailed it!! It went down so well, the Goddesses were all on their feet cheering and clapping. A great opener. I was concerned that they would think, “Who is this chick?” which they probably did, but Mel then introduced me and said they would be seeing more of me later! I had been kept a secret in the run up to the event.

Mel didn’t want to scare people off with the thought of having to dance and it turns out this was an excellent tactic. Having spoken with some of the Goddesses  afterwards, they agreed that being ambushed by the activity was probably the best thing for them. Mel had been prepping them all morning without them realising, with regular dance breaks and encouraging them to exclaim loudly things that they love about themselves.

Some of the speakers before me had expressed the importance of grasping opportunities and appreciating what we have got so by the time it was my turn to take the stand the crowd were well up for pretty much anything! It also helped that Mel bigged me up massively with her intro. Have a watch of the final product…



Now, I haven’t taught at a speaking event before. I am used to teaching women who are at an event for fitness, for group exercise. I’m used to having a large amount of space to strut around in. So I adapted my session so that it could be done on the spot and in whatever attire was being worn: some were in strapless dresses (it was about 32 degrees in the East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf that day, lots of glass) so absolutely no jumping!

Another thing I changed was that I didn’t wear my trusty fishnets. Occasionally, when teaching Strutology, I get my legs out for the Strut Off and Performance. I do this to demonstrate to my class participants (who 80% of the time are slim fitness instructors) that if I can dance with my expansive, chunky thighs out, then they can surely begin to think about being ok with their thighs in their leggings. But just to make sure that I know my unruly flesh is under control, just like all professional dancers (including Beyoncé) I wear my trusty Danceskin fishnets. HOWEVER, you may have seen my post from the Real Catwalk where I strutted and posed through the middle of Trafalgar Square with a whole bunch of gorgeous bodies of different shapes, sizes, abilities and persuasions, in nothing but a bra, a thong and cute pair of heels. If I am to teach women about being totally ok with their bodies and if I can walk semi naked through the middle of London, I can teach my class without fishnets. The whole point of me telling you this is to show you that I keep setting myself little challenges and then learning a lesson from each one. The lesson is a recurring one: “There is no need to be ashamed of your body!” I am practicing what I preach and like Mel said that day “Don’t judge me on my body, judge me on my journey.” Who knows? Maybe next year it will be nipple tassels and glitter!!



As you can see from the video above, the goddesses smashed it! Since then I have been inundated with offers of work, suggestions for collaborations and my mind is flooded with ideas. I’ve also taken away so much from the other speakers and made some amazing friends. The date is already set for next year and there is currently an early bird price which ends at the end of this month (August) so hurry and get your ticket now for June 29th 2019. I will see you there.

Now where did I put my tassel glue?