New Year, Same Me!



So we’re heading into a brand new year and no doubt feeling sluggish from lack of movement and more food than you might have normally consumed – no shame in that. But hopefully you’re well rested and chomping at the bit to hit the ground running into 2019. Please note that it is also very normal to not want to leap, dance and sing into the new year, that wanting to hibernate until summer is also a thing. I see you! Apprehension of what might be round the corner is completely understandable in this political climate and I will understand if you yawn and scroll right past this. But I’d really love it if you stick with me…
This time 3 years ago I wrote a blog post called “Happy New Attitude” discussing my disdain for New Year’s Resolutions. In it I spoke of being upset that most resolutions seemed to be made with aesthetics as the focus (eg, going to work on my summer body, urgh). But since then it seems that Diet Culture cottoned on to a global shift in thinking and an awareness that we’d all been hoodwinked. It started to rebrand itself as “Health & Wellness” and thus resolutions became more about “getting fit and healthy”.
“What’s wrong with that?” I hear you say. Absolutely nothing… However due to a culture of fat phobia and ostracising more marginalised bodies, this shift towards “Health & Wellness” is simply a ruse to make companies seem more ethical and those who buy from them feel less shallow. But when they say “I’m doing it for my health” if they were more honest with themselves, it’s still about the aesthetics. And who can blame them when those deemed more beautiful receive so much privilege.
This year, thankfully there seems to be yet another shift. The number of posts I am seeing about NOT making New Year’s Resolutions is off the charts and I think it’s awesome. People are beginning to not only listen to the Body Positivity message, that all bodies are good bodies, they are letting it sink into their hearts and being changed paradigmatically.  People are beginning to understand Health At Every Size, which doesn’t mean that everyone at every size is healthy, but that it is possible to become healthy and that size is not indicative of one’s health.
If you are aware of my work you’ll know that I help women to feel good about themselves regardless of shape or size through the medium of sassy dance classes. Essentially I make them feel sexy. This is important as it is invaluable to be able to feel great about one’s self irrespective of the outer casing because the outer casing changes and like it or not, once you hit your twenties it has started to degenerate. (Sorry, I’m a realist.) At some point it will fail you in some way or disappoint you and allowing your self worth to be rocked by that is heartbreaking.
So if you still feel the need to make a New Year’s Resolution make the decision to get to more School of Strut events (plug plug) but most of all decide to be more you! As Dr Seuss said “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”