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Headmistress, International Dance Fitness Presenter, Body Image Movement Global Ambassador™, Champion of Curves and Advocate of Health At Every Size™


Zoe McNulty is one of the UK’s leading dance fitness presenters, group exercise experts and a body confidence activist. She specialises in helping women feel good about their figures through fun and feisty School of Strut® dance concepts such as Strutology®, Raunch®, SexyStreet™, SweatSexy™, Ballesque™ and more.

Zoe had always dreamed of being a backing dancer on Top Of The Pops but due to her being larger than a dancer should be and because she didn’t want to be told she needed to lose weight, she avoided the commercial dance scene and the negative body image that she would undoubtedly have developed if she had decided to go down that road.

As a student, Zoe could not afford her gym fees and offered her services as a volunteer at her local gym. With her background in dance, the gym’s studio manager had a feeling Zoe would make a good aerobics instructor and arranged for her to go on an Exercise To Music course. This is when Zoe realised that she had found her calling and began attending fitness conventions and started applying to present. She began to create a name for herself within the group exercise community and over the last 16 years has taught at all the major conventions nationally and many internationally.


“I believe all women have the right to feel fabulous in their skin. I just think many of us have forgotten we’re allowed to be sexy and just need the opportunity, in a safe and encouraging environment, to let their hair down”.

She is a champion of curves, a Body Image Movement Global Ambassador (BIMGA) and Health At Every Size (HAES) advocate.

Zoe would love to see some changes to the Fitness Industry as she is saddened by the message which is being pushed that weight loss = health and that if you’re not continually doing “meal-prep” and eating only chicken and broccoli then it’s your fault that you’re failing to lose weight. And unless you’re doing HIIT training and going hard you may as well go home!


The physical, mental, spiritual and emotional damage being done by this elitist approach simply cannot go on.


Zoe is on a mission to put things back into perspective and regain some sanity and compassion within the industry.

Zoe’s personality in front of the camera has led to many appearances on television in shows such as Channel 4‘s “How To Look Good Naked“, the BBC’s 6 O’Clock news and “Sex Education” and she regularly features on She was also asked to teach a dance class for Comic Relief at Wembley Arena alongside some of the other best dance instructors in the UK, which was broadcast by BBC.

Her approachability, creativity, dynamic style and her fun personality, combined with a desire to help others has made her a firm favourite with class participants far and wide.

Photography courtesy of Cassius Frankson.


Creator of Strutology®, one of the School of Strut®’s subjects on the curriculum, Zoe has helped thousands of women feel fabulous in their heels!


It is a dance class which is taught in trainers. Once a dance routine has been learned, the high heels go on (optional), there’s some strut practice (the Strut-Off) and then the routine is performed in the heels. It is designed to specifically to help women find their inner diva and to really allow themselves to be feminine and show off their assets. There are also physiological benefits to the class including increased heart rate, conditioning of the lower body and improved coordination, however the spiritual and emotional benefits are what is most notable about the class. The results are powerful!

“Strutology® is the art of “strutting one’s stuff”: to parade, prance, flounce or sashay; to proudly show off one’s best features or talents”


Offer your members and attendes something different, something more sensual, something more inclusive of all body shapes, something which is going to help them release their inner diva and realise how hot they already are – without having to drop a single pound of weight!

Learn how to teach others to strut their stuff, walk tall and own that shizzle!!

Confidence Expert

Zoe is highly qualified to teach women how to be confident in their own skin.  She decided to put her money where her mouth is and prove that the mindset she helps to develop through her classes really does work. She entered the Miss Monroe International category of Miss Galaxy Universe: a beauty pageant/fitness show which embraces bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Winner of Miss Monroe International

Without very much preparation and zero dieting, she donned a swimsuit and heels and won!!  She proved once and for all that confidence is a mindset, not dependant on circumstance.  She was not the youngest, the slimmest or even the prettiest, but she owned that stage!

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