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All brides want to feel amazing on their special day and what better way than to boost their self esteem and body confidence with a bit of a strut?

Recent divorcees too, may have spent so long being wifey or mum that they’ve forgotten how to be all woman!

And why should the fun end when we get to milestone birthdays? Can we not be fabulous at forty, nifty at fifty and sexy at sixty? As ideas for birthday parties go, this is unusual, exciting and extremely useful!




The Headmistress has been teaching for almost 20 years and having taught classes of varying sizes (up to several thousand) and in various settings, Zoe can tailor her session to fit any requirements. If your event is a speaking event with tables and chairs, that’s no trouble, the furniture doesn’t need to be pushed back. Zoe doesn’t just teach dance to demonstrate her Body Positivity message: she is often on discussion panels, radio shows and podcasts talking about body confidence, diet culture and other related topics.




Zoe’s “Work It Like A Diva” body confidence workshops are highly popular and can be tailored to the needs of the group. It includes 2 of the 4 of the core subjects on the School of Strut curriculum: Strutology, Divanomics, Raunch or BodyLanguage. There will also be  a discussion about why we struggle with body image and helpful tips and advice on how to improve it. The day will end with a Q& A session where attendees can share their concerns in a safe and friendly environment.


Email thehead@schoolofstrut.com to discuss hiring her for your event.