Strutology @ Pineapple

Monthly Classes


Next One: FriYAY 27th April


I recently dropped by Pineapple Dance Studios and on a whim I booked a time slot on a FriYAY evening for a Strutology class with the intention of it becoming a monthly occurrence. I can’t even tell you how much I revelled in being there. In one studio they had just finished a class and it was steamy and all the dancers looked so cool. A floor up, ballet was in full flow with old school piano music blaring out. Polite little dancers saying please and thank with their hair scraped back into painful looking buns, bright eyed and bushy tailed! I loved every second.


Have a watch of the videos below and see the sass ooze from every pore of everyone’s being – right up until we all exit the studios with STRUTITUDE as we head to the local bar for a drinks and a boogie!




Join us for one (or all) of the dates – all shown on the booking link:



Here’s a little comedy treat for you – this clip of Louie Spence at Pineapple dancing towards Studio 9 (the very same studio we were in for the first Strutology@Pineapple!) and please note that my excitement is beautifully visually represented here by Louie and his self diagnosed dance epilepsy!!