August 19


01:00 pm - 04:00 pm

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Zoe McNulty


Jacksons Lane

269a Archway Road Highgate, London, United Kingdom, N6 5AA

London, United Kingdom, GB, N6 5AA

The Strut Summits are proving to be such a roaring success and people simply don’t want to wait 6 months to get that same feeling of empowerment that these events give.

However the glitz and glamorousness of the Strut Summits are difficult to arrange more often than twice a year but we don’t see why you should do without completely.

And so we will provide you with an event every 3 months… this is where STRUT STRIPPED BACK comes in.

On August 19th, precisely 3 months from the Strut Summit 3 and before 4, at the same venue (the gorgeous Jacksons Lane), with the one and only Headmistress herself, Zoe McNulty, you can experience the 4 signature Subjects on the School of Strut’s Curriculum:

* Strutology®

* Raunch®

* Divanomics™

* BodyLanguage™

Nothing fancy, no big staging, no flashy lights or projections, no performances (you can get all those at the “STRUTacular, STRUTastic Strut Summits) – Just the Head, a small stage, a sound system and an intimate atmosphere to get strutty, sweaty and raunchy in.


You may transfer the ticket to another name, but not to another event.