Calling all Dance Fitness Professionals:

• Are you Zumba tired?
• Are you lost for ideas and new moves?
• Do you want to provide something different, something meaningful?

Give yourself and your class a body positive kick start in 2019 with School of Strut’s DIVANOMICS.



This is the brand new training released by School of Strut and will be held at




Divanomics is a super sassy dance class taught by the “single track” method*. It is jam packed with fabulous, user freindy choreography that anyone can do.

“There is a formula to becoming a Diva. What is it? You WERK IT OUT!!”

The routines are low impact, kind to the body and soul and are designed to leave your class participants feeling revived and rejuvenated.

*** The routines can be slotted into any of the other branded dance classes you currently teach ***


A typical play list for Divanomics:


Divanomics is often used as the warm up to the Strut Summit events due to it’s fun and easy to pick up nature- it’s a nice way to ease into a full on day of sassiness!