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We all want to be more confident in our bodies, feel sexy and enjoy life. But does that have to involve hours in the gym, fad diets and internalised body shaming. No, it does not!!

Break free of society’s “ideals” and improve your self esteem and body image easily with our super sassy dance classes designed to help you release your inner diva and realise that you perfect just as you are!

Every May & November we hold the fabulously glitzy STRUT SUMMIT and every August and February we have the STRUT STRIPPED BACK, a far more low key affair! Each event focuses on the School of Strut’s body positive dance classes.

Calling All Dance Teachers: Share the positivity of the School of Strut® and save your community from the misery of bad dances classes by becoming a Strutology® InStrutters.  Help your neighbourhood to feel fabulous.

Joining our online community as a “Perfect Prefect” (that’s not a typo!) will give you access to online classes, articles and a support group which will help you to opt out of diet culture and grow in body confidence. LAUNCHING IN 2018

Zoe McNulty

International Dance Fitness Presenter

Champion of Curves

Body Image Movement Global Ambassador

Advocate of Health At Every Size®

“The Fitness Industry focuses on the wrong things – helping people be happier and more confident does more for their health than diets or new trainers”.

Zoe has been one of the UK’s leading dance fitness presents for many years, working with thousands of students, including 2,000 dancers as part of Comic Relief 2015. Working within the exercise industry, Zoe is changing the fitness world as a Body Image Movement Global Ambassadors (BIMGA) and Health At Every Size (HAES) advocate. And by putting fun and personality into everything she does…

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